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We all know how popular Whey Protein has become especially among youth & youngsters. Moreover large numbers of people in the world consume Whey Protein Powders every day in their daily routine for number of benefits they think it does to the body. But everything has its own pros & cons.

Here’s below the Side Effects or Worst Facts about Whey Protein which you dint knew about:-

  1. Whey Protein helps us have lean muscle by gaining weight in the right areas but do you know that many whey powders come with added sugars which will make you gain weight in the form of fat which is unhealthy.
  2. Whey Protein can also lead to weakness & fatigue. It may also lead to dehydration.
  3. There can be intestinal irritation if you have whey protein with milk too much due to high amount of lactose present in it.
  4. Whey powder provides for high amount of protein. However high consumption of protein leads to kidney stones so to make sure you don’t get one you need to get enough fiber in your diet.
  5. Whey Powder can lead to digestive problem as it has enough lactose which  can be sensitive to those who are lactose intolerant.
  6. If you drink protein shakes far more then recommended you may end up having gout especially if gout is in your family history.
  7. The common side effect of powders and supplements is Bloating. You are likely to have an enlarged stomach even if you are not fat.
  8. Extreme high consumption of Whey can damage your liver as well.
  9. People with diabetes may experience changes in blood sugar while having protein which can be harmful if proper medication not taken.
  10. As we know Whey is obtained from cheese and is a diary product. The Leftover remains while making cheese is called whey hence people having milk allergies or diary product allergies should avoid consuming whey powder.
  11. There is a possibility of risk of calcium loss by consuming whey as having large amount of protein can increase acid production and the body uses calcium to neutralize these acids. Hence extra calcium is required to function well.

Whey Protein may work wonders but it can also lead to other body issues if not taken with care. It is best to consult a doctor before going ahead with number of intakes one can have while also considering the history of diseases running in the family.

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