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Bodybuilding has become essential part of most of the people. The youth nowadays likes to stay fit and fabulous. But some fear due to lack of their knowledge and misconceptions they have about bodybuilding.

Here are few Myths you should know about:-

  1. Men usually hit gym but women fears as few feel that lifting heavy weight can make them look like men and muscular. But that’s not the truth. Women will be physically stronger after lifting weight but not end up looking like male.
  2. There is a misconception that one should rest only for 45 seconds in between sets. It may be true but when to improve cardiovascular health you need to allow enough time for the muscle to recuperate fully.
  3. Anybody cannot be a bodybuilder, it takes a lot be one.
  4. Women do not need to train differently from men if they have same goals.
  5. People fear that once you stop working your muscle will turn into fat making you fatter but that’s untrue.
  6. There is also a myth that majority of bodybuilders must be lesbian and they all look same. Well it just in your mind and nothing else.
  7. Men’s do feel female bodybuilders are trying to be men but passion is passion. Women do not need to be a man.
  8. People think consuming high sugars before workout gives more energy but that’s not the truth. In fact one needs to each rich food to have enough energy.
  9. Few are those who feel home workouts are best and just a hundred sit ups would give narrow type midsection which is just a myth as there is no such thing as spot reduction.
  10. Most of the fat people feel starving is the best option to shed fat and it will help curb extra weight but the fact is instead starvation leads to a long term gain of fat and especially belly fat. So girls hump on some food and stop worrying.
  11. Eating Steroids and supplement will make one get big muscles but that’s not true. One should also have a good workout to enable great body.
  12. Most people fear that full squats are bad for the knees but in reality full squats are safer than half squats.
  13. All fat is not bad and yes that’s the truth you body needs fat as all the cell membranes are made up of fat.
  14. It’s just a myth that the more you sweat the more the more fat you lose. That’s not the case always.

Hope this helps you bust your myth and stay fit.

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