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What is WHEY Protein?                             

WHEY Protein is a Protein which is obtained from a Cow’s milk. It is a Left over obtained during the processing of cheese. The fat is removed & extracted after which it is processed for human foods. Whey Protein powders have become very popular among youngsters but it is best not to over eat it as it can lead to multiple health issues.

There are some facts which one should know about whey protein. They are:-

  1. It has antimicrobial properties which treat acne’s and pimples.
  2. Having whey protein will help you prevent hair loss due to lack of protein in your body you suffer from hair loss.
  3. If you overeat while having protein you may gain excessive fat which is unhealthy.
  4. Whey protein may help you form strong bones as it has high amount of calcium in it.
  5. These proteins are beneficial to women as well, as it can prevent diseases like breast and cervical cancer which is more prone in women these days.
  6. If your body is sensitive to lactose you may end up having digestion issues as whey protein contains lactose.
  7. Consuming these protein may help you have firm and healthy skin as it contains collagen
  8. Whey protein may act as a shampoo too. Just rub some powder on your scalp and wash it with warm water and you are done.
  9. Consumption of protein differs from person to person as high amount of protein can lead to acidity as the kidney finds it difficult to metabolize too much protein.
  10. It also helps in toning a muscle and provides a toned body.
  11. It also helps strengthen muscle.
  12. In some cases people suffer from nausea and vomiting due to high amount of protein intake.
  13. Weight loss is one of the factors which whey protein provides.
  14. It is also beneficial when it comes to heart health as the protein reduces the risk of heart disease & stroke.
  15. Whey protein can be indigestive to some due to which it may cause extreme fatigue or weakness.
  16. It is excellent in healing wounds.
  17. Intake of whey protein may help your nails grow well.

Protein is extremely important for body but before consuming supplements or powder its best to consult doctor before taking whey protein. Protein may not be harmful but over consumption can be. It is important to be safe.


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