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Whey Proteins have become a rage among youths everywhere. But still people get afraid sometime before consuming Whey as there are so many myths about Whey Protein.

20 Myths about Whey Protein are:-

  1. The more protein you eat the more body you gain. This is a myth. One should only have that much protein that a body requires.
  2. Men’s feel a protein intake is required every second hour but that’s not true. Researchers have found the protein takes time to digest and every other hour another intake is not necessary.
  3. Every Whey protein may not be the same. Quality of Whey Protein depends from brand to brand.
  4. People feel protein should be digested easily otherwise it’s useless. The fact is slowly digested protein offers more benefits especially to athletes.
  5. One more myth is that one should consume only 30 grams of protein at a time but the fact is the body has the ability to digest much more protein.
  6. Protein powder does not make you look bulky if you hit the gym hard.
  7. Kidneys may fail if you intake high protein is completely false.
  8. Women’s need a very little whey protein as compared to men is not correct. In fact women may actually benefit more from protein powder then men.
  9. Whey protein does not cause gas or bloating.
  10. No different whey protein powders for female only are required in the market.
  11. High protein intake will not increase the Testosterone unless consumed in obscenely high amount.
  12. Women’s feel eating whey protein would make their body look bulky but that not true because women do not have the hormones that encourage the growth of large and bulky muscles like men.
  13. High the protein diet more the bone health issue. It’s just hype as there is no evidence that links increase in protein to bone loss or poor health.
  14. Consuming whey protein will never affect livers. There must be other reasons.
  15. High protein diets causes osteoporosis is found to be a false claim.
  16. Gout is another disease that is associated with having high intake of protein which is not true.
  17. All protein powders are not equal. Yes, that’s true.
  18. Whey proteins are said to be unnatural and this is the biggest myth. They are derived from dairy product.
  19. People feel cooking whey denatures it. But the fact is it remains same with same nutritional factors.
  20. Athletes don’t require whey protein for Endurance but the fact is they require it as much as bodybuilders.

Hopefully some myths are busted.

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