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Whey Protein is huge rage and everybody nowadays talk about is fitness, well shaped body and a protein powder. Well fitness is important but some people are unclear about what whey does and through mouth spread there are lots of myths about Whey Protein.


  1. Eating too much protein will never give you too much muscle. There’s nothing like having too much protein gives more muscles. More is always not a better option. You should always eat as much protein that your body needs. As the excess protein you consume is simply used as energy in form of calories and no extra protein is used by the body.
  2. There is one more thing which is talked about that having too much Whey Protein can be hard on kidneys. People feel eating too much protein can be bad for kidneys and it may result in kidney failure. No, it’s all a myth. When you drink on wine do you think that having so much wine will fail kidney, the answer is no you just drink it as you feel. Similarly, one can have protein as they want and the body needs it will not fail their kidneys. If you body needs more protein you have to have it.
  3. People also think plant based proteins are not complete proteins. This is not the truth. Multisource plant based protein powder has all the amino acids that are present in whey. Hence plant based protein is effective as Whey protein.
  4. There is always a thing with protein powders and one thinks they can’t be cooked as it may lose the essential nutrition’s, but that not the truth. In fact one may cook muffins and cookies out of Whey Protein and it will have the same effect on body as a protein shake. Yes, well that’s true.
  5. Everyone reaches out to protein shakes immediately after the last rep. But that’s not the right way. The body sometimes benefits more from different macronutrient like simple carbohydrates. Whichever Outdoor activity you do combining carbs and protein will help you replenish your muscle faster.
  6. One more thing people have myth about that Whey Protein helps in a weight loss. Yes it does but if you are not actively using the whey, your body will break down the excess protein into molecular substances that will end up through glycolysis just like carbohydrates.

Hope this make you clear about how Whey Protein works so say bye to all the myths.

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