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Marathon is just round the corner and there is always hundreds of preparation one has to do, from looking after the body in the healthy way to preparing oneself for the training to run. Nobody can just get up one day and run for marathon. You need a proper preparation to it. What first comes to the mind is the training of physical health. The stamina you should have to run the race. Below is complete guide how you can prepare yourself for Airtel Marathon.

Steps you can follow:-

  1. A Balanced Diet – Yes, A balanced diet is very important aspect for every runner. It is vital to stay healthy and have an active life as you are always pushing yourself to run marathon. There is always a feeling to run an extra mile if your body permitted you. A diet for marathon may depend from person to person and race to race whether they wish to run for more miles or less for example 10 km or 20km.


  1. Fuel your body – There are two things one can always be concerned about the fueling of body and hydration. An average person may run sixty to ninety minutes just with water but to run more your body would require extra calories. You can prepare a diet chart for yourself before 2-3 months of marathon. A runner can consume about 150 to 300 calorie per hour. You should always start out low and then add fuel after you test your personal reaction to the calories.


  1. Training for runs – When you are training for running a marathon you should work it out that what suits your body best and what does not. You can include more of carbs and fluids in your diet especially for the first time runners. Fluids always work best. It is better to know what would be best for you to eat on the day of marathon and how you will make it work.


  1. Juices and water – Fluids help a lot when training and running for marathon. Without eating all vegetables and fruits you get all the nutrients through juices as well. Raw juices will give you more nutrients then the machine one. Juices are easy to carry as well and when you feel hungry during the race or need enough nutrients you can check on juices. Water as we know is very important in our lives. No one can live without water. Water keeps you hydrated and saves one from dehydration during the marathon race. Hydrated body always helps you run faster. Drinking water atleast eight glasses a day will surely help. Eating less drinking more should be mantra.


  1. A Quality Sleep – Yes, this is important as well. We always focus on diet plan and training but sleep also plays the same role as these two. Sleep is essential for the body to adapt and recover between the training sessions. It is necessary to atleast get 8 hours of sleep at the night and in between naps won’t do much harm.

Right amount of all these mixture will definitely help to run the race.

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