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A Runner or Marathoner should always prepare themselves for a marathon with efficient diet and training. A well prepared marathoner always completes the marathon with confident and zeal. And that only comes when you are prepared for one with proper guidance and a healthy body. But it can go the other way round when you ignore your nutrition. Marathoner and runner train hard but they forget that body requires enough nutrients to achieve a body fit. A human body requires enough nutrients to survive. And below are the reasons why your body gives up in mid marathon and can ruin your complete training sessions.

  • There are always lots of changes in the body temperature when you start the run till the end. It is natural when you start the race you are more energized but after few minutes we start feeling thirsty and feel that we are out of breathe. That can become more extreme and you may end up giving up in the middle of the race due to improper nourishment to your body. Having too solid food can make your stomach tight and heavy which will stop you from taking a step ahead. They are hard to digest as well. You may have perfect abs and fit body but if you have not fed your body with enough nutrients it will give up in between the marathon.


  • Consuming alcohol during the training or before the race can also ruin your marathon. Alcohol can irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause the mal absorption of nutrients which can cause a cycle of deficiency with regular consumption unless additional nutrients are consumed before in order to repair and damage the counteract mal absorption because increased nutrients are required. Alcohol consumption can also impair liver function and hence interfere with the metabolism and storage of nutrients. Also alcohol increases the risk of stroke, liver damage and all kinds of cancer such as stomach, esophagus, stomach and breast.


  • Nutrition can be critical while training for marathon or half marathon. If you are on low carb diet then it is better to stop. Carbohydrate in fact provides fuel to runners. You can eat more of potatoes, beans, wheat bread, apples, brown rice, carrots, vegetables, soy products and tofu and a lot more. It will be best to stay away from junk food like pizza’s, burger and fries. They add fat to your body and a bad fat which stops you from running fast. It can make a person tired and lower the enthusiasm.  A good protein also helps. Low fat milk, green peas, cheese, yogurt, nuts will also replenish your body with good protein which will help you marathon well.


  • Also Intensive training without proper nutrition can induce inflammation, skeletal muscle damage, and cellular damage and also suppress the body’s immune system. Hence Good amount of nutrition is required.


The post marathon period is when the nutrition helps the body to recover fully in staying fit. A constant supply of protein helps building strength and muscle. It takes a serious amount of training and nutrition planning to become a marathon finisher. And yes that’s always achievable.  Hope these above points help you.

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