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Every now and then at the gym, there is someone complaining about their low energy levels on a particular day. One of the most common reasons, for this "drainage of energy" or the "tiredness" that one feels, is not up-to-the-mark diet.


DON' T WORRY, lads! As we, at Advance Nutratech have found out a way to pump your workouts and to get you the results you deserve. Our experts have formulated a pre-workout diet regime to suit you best!


The results that you get from a workout, depend 80% on what you eat and drink, and only 20% on the workout itself. Which is why, irrespective of which body part are you going to train, there is a generic diet that you must follow throughout the day. Amongst all your meals, there lie two magic wands - Pre and Post-workout nutrition.

  • Pre-workout nutrition refers to anything that you eat and drink before your workout.
  • Post-workout nutrition refers to anything that you eat and drink after your workout.


PRE-WORKOUT MEAL : This is the last meal that you are going to have before your workout (approximately 60-90 minutes), so you want to make sure that you get the right nutrients and in the right amounts. For example, this may be your lunch if you workout in the evening.

  • Don't forget the carbs : As a staple for us Indians, it is extremely likely that this meal is going to have rice and/or chapati. These are your primary sources for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the easiest source for energy for your body. If you feel that you are depleted of energy, it is because you did not have enough carbs.
  • Nutrients and minerals : The best way to introduce nutrients and minerals into your diet is through raw vegetables and fruits. Try and focus on having a bowl full of veggies before your lunch. These veggies are also going to behave as a good source of fiber, which is going to make you feel fuller, more active, and it is going to make sure that all the nutrients are absorbed by your body.
  • Those healthy bacteria : Yoghurt or Curd is the best source of good bacteria that you can easily add to your diet to make sure that your gut stays healthy.


PRE-WORKOUT DRINK: This is what you have right before your workout (approximately 10-20 minutes), to get that insane rush, focus and energy.

  • Protein : A muscle grows only when it repairs. For recovery during an ongoing workout, make sure to have a scoop of whey protein. Muscles break when they are stressed. As your workout progresses, you are going to have more and more broken muscle fibers. To repair, i.e, to rejoin those muscle fibers, you need to give them amino acids, which are going to come from proteins that you eat.
  • Caffeine : I have seen people spending thousands of bucks on fat burners and pre-workout drinks for that rush and focus. All pre-workout drinks and fat burners have caffeine as their main ingredient. So, save your money and have black coffee instead. As per opinion, it is the best and most cost-effective fat burner. Also not to forget the rush that it gives during a workout.


  • Fast digesting energy source : You need energy during your workout and you want your muscles to have this energy ASAP! Also, a fast digesting energy source is going to cause insulin spike in your body. Insulin is a carrier molecule which is going to carry all the nutrients that your muscles need. Having a fresh fruit juice (which will also have other essential nutrients), or any other source of glucose (dextrose) can be very beneficial.



  • Creatine : It is available in many forms, Monohydrate being my personal favorite. It is nothing but a muscle volumizer, so that means it is going to make your muscles bigger. How? By bringing more and more water into them. Bigger muscles mean more strength.

It is also going to replenish your muscle's energy, which is in the form of ATP (Adenosine tri-phosphate).



Note : Make sure you have enough water when having creatine and caffeine.

In a nutshell, add a scoop of whey protein, any instant coffee, and a scoop of creatine in 200 ml of water and have it 10-20 minutes before your workout.  Also add 2-3 tablespoons of dextrose, if you can't have fresh fruit juice.

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